AA Pilots Resist Christmas Flying


It is growing increasingly clear that even at double-time pay, many American Airlines pilots have not been persuaded to give up their family holidays and fly in the days surrounding Christmas. Nevertheless, the airline is continuing to assure December travelers that there will be no cancellations.

Last week, the airline acknowledged a scheduling glitch allowed many pilots to drop their December flights, putting more than 10 thousand flights in jeopardy of cancellation. The double time for flying between December 17 and the 31st was a hastily worked-out solution intended to incentivize the pilots to pick up those flights without crews.
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77 y/o dies en-route to Venezuela

@Miami Herald

A 77-year-old grandmother died while on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Venezuela Saturday after suffering a heart attack, according to various news reports.

According to American Airlines, the company “requested medical personnel to meet flight 967 upon arrival in Caracas.” The airline would not elaborate on the incident.
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Customer service FAIL


A good start

For a decade, I flew Delta and America West (now U.S. Airways) almost exclusively. I’d come to appreciate their level of customer service, and would often choose them even when competing airlines were up to 10% lower than their price. But, since I was spending my personal research funds on this trip–scarce funds which I also use to pay my graduate students and buy my research equipment–I decided to go with the cheapest airline. In this case, that was American Airlines: $753.29 round-trip from Salt Lake City to Madrid versus about $800 for Delta.
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AAA stroller assault


American Airlines suspended a flight attendant after an altercation on Friday in which the attendant took a stroller from a woman traveling with two young children and then argued with other passengers. The episode was captured, in part, on video.

The encounter, at San Francisco International Airport, occurred while the woman was boarding a Texas-bound flight. The attendant, whose name was not released by the airline, grabbed the stroller from the woman, who was carrying 15-month-old twins, a passenger who was nearby said.

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20 injured as jet catches fire

@LA Times

American Airlines Flight 383 was rolling down the runway at O’Hare International Airport Friday afternoon, bound for Miami, when the plane skidded to a halt just as it was lifting off.

The pilot got on the radio. “American 383 heavy,” he said, referring to the Boeing 767’s weight class. “Stopping on the runway.”

“Roger, roger. Fire,” a traffic controller calmly replied, according to a recording of tower radio traffic.
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